Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If We Only Knew

I'm dealing with a headache tonight and have so many things I should be doing...but my mind and heart are full of too much. The headache is likely more induced by stress than the fact that my neck and shoulders bother me most of the time.

My mind is filled with people in too much strife...too much talking about things with one another instead of talking to the One who has the answers...too many personal opinions about things before knowing all the details. And that seems to be the root of all that is on my mind tonight.

Being a minister's wife can - unfortunately - put me in the position of hearing everyone's opinion about situations that involve church family, church function, church work. I get it from all sides. And the thing is that no one really knows the whole story behind any of these situations. Lots of chatter goes on between this one and that one about another one who isn't doing what someone else thinks should be done.

If each one of us knew the whole situation - would we be so quick to say what is on our minds at the moment? Would we measure our words more carefully? Would we spend more time talking with our Heavenly Father about it than we do with our friends/family?

If we only knew everything about a particular situation...we'd likely find out that every one has a point to be made or wisdom to share that would be of help. But we don't know and maybe never will. And I'm not just talking about church stuff right now. I'm talking about life, in general! Yes, I'm the wife of a pastor...but he isn't just a minister. He is so much more! I'm a working woman, the mother of an adult daughter, the mother-in-law of the man who loves that daughter, a sister, a seamstress and a woman who is on a journey. I've learned a lot in 57 years and I am so much in need of learning more.

But one thing I've learned (and have to keep being reminded of till the day I step into Heaven) is that there is no way I can know every single tidbit of information in a situation that could possibly be a stumbling block in some else's journey. I can't know - but if I only knew - maybe I would be less quick to judge or add my two cents' worth into the conversation. So many little dogs barking can make a lot of noise but that is all that will be accomplished. Noise.

Let's spend more time talking to Jesus about the problem instead of to each other. Just sayin'...

(Remember that if you have a pulse...you have a purpose! Make your life count!)

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  1. Oh, Beth, this is so meaningful to me right now. One of my dear friends is dealing with the consequences of some choices she has made this year, and though I wouldn't have made her choices, I support her as a sister in Christ. She deserves my love and grace, and it hurts so bad to hear of some of our fellow church members treating her badly. That's often our biggest, biggest failing to God, isn't it?

    Thanks again for sharing your blog. You have inspired me to begin working on mine again.