Thursday, August 10, 2017

First Day of Kindergarten

I just read the post of a friend whose daughter started Kindergarten today. Here’s James’ post on Facebook:
"Ok this dad has been emotional all morning. Took our baby girl to her first day of kindergarten. So proud of this young lady. This last month some of the decisions she has made shows us we're doing something right. 1 down 1 more to grow."
And this is what his wife, Karen, responded in the comments:
"I know the time has just flown by, I just feel like crying. I am happy and proud of her, I am just so not ready for this."

This little girl, Gracie, was a long-awaited child. Her name is Miracle Grace because she truly is a miracle! I’m proud to be one of the Grannies in her life. We don’t live near each other, so I have to keep up with her in pictures on Facebook and she is a dear! She’s also a big sister, so her mother and daddy have one more to send to Kindergarten. I’d venture to say that day with J.D. could be equally emotional!

When I read James’ post, memories came flooding back to me!

It was 1989 and Hannah was starting what they called ‘Four-Year Kindergarten’ at Ringgold First Baptist Church. We went to the open house and saw her classroom, met her teacher, and learned about drop-off and pick-up. Joe and I heard the director, Mrs. Waters, explain that she understood the emotions parents had and even prayed for all of us at the end of the assembly. I was mopping my eyes most of the evening.

I knew this was a good move for Hannah, considering there were no children in our neighborhood that she could play with. Her interaction with children came on Wednesdays and Sundays at church. The rest of the time she was with Momma and Daddy, which she still calls us to this day and I love it!!!

We’d waited eleven years for this little girl and I would soon be going back to work in radio, so she needed daycare. Her daddy would drive her to school each morning and I would pick her up at noon.

My heart was breaking that night.
After Hannah said her prayers and then I prayed with her, I kissed her and turned off the lights. Stopping at the door to blow one more kiss, this four-year old girl said something like, "Momma, you will be okay. We get to play together all day when I come home!"

Oh my word! Just scrape me off the floor after that! I was proud and sad at the same time! My little girl comforted me before her first day of school!

Hannah’s always been wise beyond her years…even at the age of four!