Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is my blood pressure going up?

I have a bone to pick....a beef.

Maybe it is because I’m a ‘nit-picker.’ (By the way, exactly what is a nit-picker?)

Maybe it is because my father always reminded me that enunciation while singing or speaking is important, as well as giving facts succinctly.

Maybe it is because I’ve been in the radio business and even did time in a newsroom. *

Or maybe it is because I am back on my diet and have been without any carbohydrates for the last two days. That’s probably my reason for the irritability… It can’t be PMS because I’ve been spayed.

What’s my beef?

It is people who give the time redundantly. Example: “The impact of the storm will begin around five a.m. in the morning.” Hello? Pick one…either five a.m. or five in the morning…not both! I never liked Geraldo Rivera but my husband is watching reports about Hurricane Irene on Fox News, so I’m stuck with GR because he has the remote. Geraldo just bugged me with giving the time redundantly. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg got it right! Good job, Mr. Mayor. And please don't let me forget to mention Geraldo’s stupidity in using clips of catastrophe movies to open each of his reports this evening…which would scare the crap out of anyone who fell asleep watching the news only to wake up to horrible scenes from “The Perfect Storm” and “Final Impact” thinking that is what is actually happening!!!

But I digress…
I could also spout off on reporters who don’t know how to pronounce words such as nuclear and realtor. And dead air. Dead air happens when an announcer isn't paying attention. Or when the emcee/minister/host announces a speaker, but the speaker isn't there and we all have to wait to watch him/her walk up to the microphone while we experience...yes, dead air. I could. But I won’t. You know why? It’s because I need to get to the kitchen and drink two more bottles of water to make myself think I’m not starving right now!

Tonight I need to sleep in my tee-shirt that reads: “I have PMS and a gun. Any questions?” At least that will give some warning to my husband and the dog that I’m not in my best mood tonight. And besides…I have a headache.

* Thankfully, Garry Mac, news director at WGOW/KZ-106 in the early 80’s and Ed Buice, news director at US-101 in the mid 80’s…both recognized that I was NOT a reporter, but an air personality/deejay…and gave me their blessings as I moved from the newsroom to the control room. People, I got paid to talk! I should be a millionaire!

Always remember that if you have a pulse, you have a purpose…so make your life count!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Wasting Away

I wish this posting were about wasting away to nothing because I’ve been dieting for the past 11 months. Alas, it is not. I’m blogging about wasting time. Or maybe I haven’t really wasted time at all…

Ever since arriving home on August 14th from three weeks doing plenty of work and a little play, plus 1,200 miles on my CRV, I’ve been tired. I hit the ground running, the day I left home for my trip and kept up a pace that was more difficult than I’m used to. Now that I’m home, I’ve unpacked and put the suitcases away. Laundry has been caught up and the house none too worse for the wear from my husband’s ‘bachelor-days’ with only a toy poodle for company. He saved all the daily newspapers that were delivered for three weeks…just in case I wanted to peruse them. Isn’t that sweet? I haven’t looked at a single one so he carried them to the big recycling bin we roll out to the street every other Friday. But it was a nice gesture on his part, don’t you think? And even nicer that he hauled them to the garage because that was a honking big stack of newspapers!

I’ve accomplished things that have needed to be done but not much else. In fact, today I’ve accomplished nothing. No wait…I did scramble some eggs and make toast for my overnight company this morning. And I cleaned up the kitchen afterward. The dishes are now nice and clean in the dishwasher because I remember turning the upside down happy-face-magnet to the upright position. That means the dishes are clean now, which is one small accomplishment for this Monday. And I called the pharmacy to renew some prescriptions. I didn’t have to bother finding a phonebook because I know the pharmacy’s number by heart. (Why does one say “by heart” when it really means it has been memorized?)

Other than that, I’ve pretty much passed the entire day away doing nothing of importance. I say that, but is relaxing really unimportant? That question caused me to ponder, so I 'googled' the question “Why should I relax?” and it took me to some pages that came up with lots of relaxation reasons. One specifically spoke to me in mamablogger365 (at…and I quote:

“…we rarely give ourselves permission to take the day off….and when we do, we nearly always feel guilty about it, as if we don’t deserve it. But here’s the kicker. Taking time for ourselves should not be considered a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘must-have’.”

I like that woman already and that’s the first blog of hers that I’ve looked at!!! She is the mother of two children and likely fills her days with many exhausting things, which is called “life.”

Now I don’t have any children at home…my daughter will be 26 in a few weeks and has a home of her own to keep up with…so WHY do I feel guilty that I haven’t done anything of value today?!? Are the things that are considered “of value” things that require manual labor, driving to the next meeting, buying groceries and putting food on the table, cleaning up after a weekend that saw busy-ness of it’s own, etc?

After my guests left, I made a couple of phone calls from my recliner…with numbers that were in our church directory right beside me (didn't have to find that either!). Those calls were important. One call was to see how a friend of mine is feeling after being in an automobile accident on Saturday night. Her husband is in ICU and she’s been scrambling to take care of insurance, police reports, medical stuff and dealing with a husband who’s been hurt pretty badly and is sedated because of so many injuries. I offered to do some of those things for her, but she replied that they were all things she had to do on her own. Besides, the busy-ness of the business was helping her cope, she said. I’ve been praying for her, her husband and granddaughter as they recuperate from the accident. Hey, that’s another thing I do while I’m sitting in this wonderful recliner! Pray! I do my devotions, Bible reading, etc. in this chair…and I pray here. And you can pray for them, too: Allen, Donna and Kayla.

But why do I feel so guilty for not having done anything of substance today? Usually I’m going full-speed ahead with not much time to spare. Maybe that is why I feel useless today. I’m usually so busy I can’t see straight! As I’ve vegetated in this recliner today, I’ve fallen asleep on two separate occasions…and one of those was while typing this blog! (That’s not a good sign!) By the way, I TOTALLY take back all those times I didn't want to nap when I was younger!!!

The house has been very quiet. The only noises I hear are of the refrigerator running…the dog “barking” in his sleep with these little whimpering bark-like noises while he is curled up and laying completely still…and my fingers hitting the keys of my laptop. One wrong number has pierced the silence today.

Actually, I HAVE accomplished something today! I’ve rested! Let my guilt-trip make a landing at this very moment! I’ve earned this rest! I always close this blog with the same phrase and you’ll be reading it in a moment. This is the same quote I used to sign off from my radio show every morning. I’ve accomplished what that quote challenges me with! And now I've rested! This whole summer has been crazy, making three trips to Ohio, one to Virginia and one to North Carolina. All for wonderful reasons…and all while I’ve kept up with the duties I have here at home in Tennessee! I’ve enjoyed it all, but it’s been hectic. I haven’t been wasting time away today. I’ve been refueling!

If I had it all to do over, I’d do it all over again!

Wait a minute…if I had my life to live over, I wouldn’t have time. I LOVE MY LIFE!

Always remember that if you have a pulse, you have a purpose…so make your life count!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Reunion Wrap-Up

40th Reunion
East Clinton High School’s Class of 1971
August 13, 2011
Wilmington, Ohio
100 East Clinton High School Seniors graduated in May of 1971. We all went our separate ways in the world. Some stayed close to home and others scattered from coast to coast. We’ve gathered for reunions many times, but I think this one is my favorite.

36 members of the Class of ’71 gathered this past weekend to have some fellowship and get reacquainted with one another. And we all looked pretty good for our ages! ☺

Truth be told, there were some that we hadn’t seen since graduation day. I finally gave up trying to remember one guy and asked his name…but it didn’t make me feel quite so embarrassed because he had to ask for my name first! I asked our class president about nametags. Penny replied that as long as she was in charge, we’d have to figure everybody out on our own! Good answer, Penny. It helps keep the aging mind sharp doing things like crossword puzzles, word scrambles and faking it through a dinner with people who look somewhat familiar but you can’t remember the names. But I think all of us looked pretty doggone good for the years that have been added to our faces and other parts. I told one friend that I consider my body a Temple of the Holy Spirit, but that I’m adding on a Fellowship Hall. (When I was pregnant, it was a Family Life Center…and now that I’m 58 and things are shifting, it has become a Multi-Purpose Room.)

Two of our ranks are now widowed. There have been several divorces and we met new spouses. And then some are still married to their high school sweethearts. To my knowledge, two of our classmates have passed away – Vic Bernard and April Stirr. One almost left us this past year – Bill Musser – but God must have had other plans. Bill and his wife were there with us for most of the evening.

Some of these classmates were labeled “12-year Seniors” in our yearbook, The Galaxy, which meant they attended school in that system all 12 years. There are four or five girls who grew up together – born and raised in the same small community – and it was special to see them laughing with one another again.

After dinner, we each stood and shared where we were from…introduced spouses/friends in attendance…and told what we’ve been doing all these years. Some are already retired! Wow! When it became my turn, I got to say something I’d always wanted to share with my classmates. It went something like this:

“In 1969, I came to your school as a junior. I didn’t want to be there. I had left a school that I loved because my dad had been transferred to another church to become their minister. I walked into the halls of East Clinton High School reluctantly, but with no choice in the matter. Then something happened. You took me in just like I’d been with you all along. I didn’t expect that. Suddenly, I was a part of things…making friends, learning and enjoying my life. I will never forget you for that. Thank you.

I might not have realized it at the time…but they changed my life! I finally got the opportunity to say what had been on my heart for so many years. These people helped me feel like I belonged there with them. And I did. Lifelong friendships developed because I went to that school. I had my first love…and my first broken heart there. I sang in the school’s talent shows…was a cast member in several plays…and even won the female Thespian award at our Senior Awards Assembly. I got a good education. (I didn’t set the woods on fire with my grades…even though I could have if I had put in more effort!) And I learned that I could speak in front of an audience…something that my schoolmates encouraged in me. Who knew that would end up being my life’s work!?!

I didn’t really follow the teachings of Jesus in my younger life. I could talk a good game but He wasn’t in charge. In fact, I was 20 years old before I finally said “yes” to Him without trying to add some amendments to that Yes. I had been living my life for me…for what made me happy…what gave me pleasure…and what was most convenient. All the while, God had a plan. I wasn’t in on it. I didn’t really care about the plan. He had His mighty hand on me all the time. I just didn’t realize it.

Oswald Chambers was a wise man. Regarding that last paragraph, here are two of my favorite quotes from him:
"Faith never knows where it is being led, but it knows and loves the One who is leading."
“I have to get to the point of the absolute and unquestionable relationship that takes everything exactly as it comes from Him. God never guides us at some time in the future, but always here and now. Realize that the Lord is here now, and the freedom you receive is immediate. "

I should be glad that God doesn’t give me everything I ask for. I would have missed out on knowing and loving some pretty amazing people!

Lest you think I’m sermonizing – I’m not. That’s my husband’s job. And lest you believe I’m getting waaaaaay too serious in this posting…let me put your mind at ease. You are used to lighter, funnier fare from me and that is what you’ll get!

There are several things to remember when you’ve just attended your 40th high school reunion:

Aging is not for wimps.

Not all men should use “Just for Men” hair color. In fact, no men should use it. It neither blends the gray nor leaves you looking younger. Leave the color to the ladies.

If I could have pretty gray hair like Teda Bowermaster Henline, I sure wouldn't be messing with coloring my hair blonde! But I don't, so I do.

Bald can be beautiful.

Wrinkled was not one of the things any of us wanted to be when we grew up. So we have ‘laugh lines’ that add character to our faces. (…with the other parts, you’re on your own.)

I’ve had necessary surgeries on my eyes, wrists, abdomen, knees and feet. If I keep getting stuff fixed, by the time Joe and I have been married for 50 years, he’ll have a whole new girl! If I could just stop the effects of gravity…

And going to a reunion with a zit under your left nostril isn’t that big of a deal if you use enough makeup! ☺

Always remember that if you have a pulse, you have a purpose…so make your life count!

Friday, August 12, 2011


Timing. It’s important in almost every aspect of life.

When my husband is delivering a sermon, timing is important when he illustrates the point he is making. A question can be asked in a court of law and timing can affect the way it is asked or the answer that is given. A comedian knows that bad timing can hurt the bit in the routine…bad timing and the joke could end up being a dud.

My ‘timing’ problem isn’t earth shattering, and years from now it won’t make any difference. But this weekend, my graduating class from East Clinton High School will get together for our 40th reunion and I’ll be seeing old friends for the first time in a long time…some I haven’t seen since that day we received our diplomas and turned our tassels back in 1971. (side note…does anyone else think ‘turning our tassels’ sounds a little like it could be taken sooooo many different ways?)

But I digress: my timing problem is that my 58 year-old face will be sporting a pimple this weekend. A zit. A pore in my skin has become inflamed. Just yesterday it was a minor irritation that I didn’t think anything of. Today it has taken on a life of it’s own. I’m thinking of naming it after someone who really irritates me, but there are too many choices to narrow down to one name.

After mentioning the pimple on my facebook status, I’ve received several suggested “cures” for my problem: hemorrhoid cream, zit cream, eye drops and Windex. Maybe if I try all of them, I’ll sit more comfortably and see clearly! ☺

Then there is another thing I could do: put on my makeup just as I normally do, but add a little “Cindy-Crawford-mole-look” to it by using my eyeliner on the zit. But if I do that, could a little speck of the eyeliner somehow creep into my skin and make a permanent brown mark in that pore? Or could I end up sweating and instead of having a little brown dot on my face, I’d end up with a racing stripe? Hello, Tammy Faye Bakker!

One bad thing about this particular pimple is its location. It would be so much better if it were around my hairline just as so many have been in the past. I can pull some wisps of hair around in just the right spot and – voila – invisible zit!!! But nooooooo. My pimple isn’t around the hairline. It is directly under my left nostril. As I posted on facebook: it ain’t right. It just ain’t right.

Maybe at this reunion we’ll all be so busy looking at how bald some of the guys are and how much older all of us look that no one will notice how the skin under my nose is going through puberty.

P.S. Since I posted my zitty status on facebook, I’ve found out that one friend’s face will be sporting a chin zit…another smashed her toe at work this week and it will likely be sporting a dinosaur band-aid in her sandals…and the homecoming queen shut her van’s rear door on her nose which now has a cut on it. Must be something going around. Or Murphy’s Law. Or just plain everyday life.

Always remember that if you have a pulse, you have a purpose…so make your life count!