Saturday, August 27, 2011

Is my blood pressure going up?

I have a bone to pick....a beef.

Maybe it is because I’m a ‘nit-picker.’ (By the way, exactly what is a nit-picker?)

Maybe it is because my father always reminded me that enunciation while singing or speaking is important, as well as giving facts succinctly.

Maybe it is because I’ve been in the radio business and even did time in a newsroom. *

Or maybe it is because I am back on my diet and have been without any carbohydrates for the last two days. That’s probably my reason for the irritability… It can’t be PMS because I’ve been spayed.

What’s my beef?

It is people who give the time redundantly. Example: “The impact of the storm will begin around five a.m. in the morning.” Hello? Pick one…either five a.m. or five in the morning…not both! I never liked Geraldo Rivera but my husband is watching reports about Hurricane Irene on Fox News, so I’m stuck with GR because he has the remote. Geraldo just bugged me with giving the time redundantly. NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg got it right! Good job, Mr. Mayor. And please don't let me forget to mention Geraldo’s stupidity in using clips of catastrophe movies to open each of his reports this evening…which would scare the crap out of anyone who fell asleep watching the news only to wake up to horrible scenes from “The Perfect Storm” and “Final Impact” thinking that is what is actually happening!!!

But I digress…
I could also spout off on reporters who don’t know how to pronounce words such as nuclear and realtor. And dead air. Dead air happens when an announcer isn't paying attention. Or when the emcee/minister/host announces a speaker, but the speaker isn't there and we all have to wait to watch him/her walk up to the microphone while we experience...yes, dead air. I could. But I won’t. You know why? It’s because I need to get to the kitchen and drink two more bottles of water to make myself think I’m not starving right now!

Tonight I need to sleep in my tee-shirt that reads: “I have PMS and a gun. Any questions?” At least that will give some warning to my husband and the dog that I’m not in my best mood tonight. And besides…I have a headache.

* Thankfully, Garry Mac, news director at WGOW/KZ-106 in the early 80’s and Ed Buice, news director at US-101 in the mid 80’s…both recognized that I was NOT a reporter, but an air personality/deejay…and gave me their blessings as I moved from the newsroom to the control room. People, I got paid to talk! I should be a millionaire!

Always remember that if you have a pulse, you have a purpose…so make your life count!


  1. I'm telling Ed you're talking about him! Ha-ha. Do you really want to know what nit-picking means? Ok I'll tell you. For someone that has head lice, they must kill the lice with the shampoo then pick out the eggs with a special comb - the eggs stuck on the shafts of hair are called nits. Yuck - not speaking from personal experience just being a know-it-all this morning! Have a great week and thanks for the great post :) You and Ed could spend an entire evening one-uping each other on these stories :)

  2. I can't believe I'm 58 years old and am just now learning what a nit-picker is! Thanks, Tricia, for educating me. I guess that WOULD be a tedious job...nit-picking.

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  4. 9/17/2011
    Nit picking as I understand is when someone picks away at those little furry accumulations on knitted clothing. You know the kind that they now have some gadget for rolling across them to remove. Plus, another less attractive thought is that of picking the "nits" from another mammal such as monkeys do (Lice eggs are nits). I have not read your blog in awhile and just LOVE this one about the weather gurus and their blah, blah, blah. It is disturbing when you're in the path of the eye crossing over your area, and these blah, blah, blah, disturbing announcements get you so hyped that loss of power(electricity being downed) is almost welcome relief. We were in the middle of it at Cherry Point MAS and it was an experience that was educational to say the least. Our son says he is glad we can check that one off our bucket list. Me,too! Love your sense of humor and miss having you motivate me mornings like when I first "met" you on radio last year. M
    P.S. I deleted this comment that is the same as is posted here now, because of spelling error which I edited. Then I read the comment made prior to this by Tricia. Yes, you can either think of it as a gadget rolling over those little fuzzy things on knitted clothing and etc. OR as monkeys sitting and picking nits off each other (if you have ever seen them in the zoo this is quite a visual). Have a happy Constitutional Day. Want me to explain that one? LOL
    You are my heroine of comedy and creativeness. Your whole family is, for that matter, well heros and heroines of all sorts of "living out loud."
    You are the age of my "baby" sister. I will not tell you how much older I am, except her birthday is in 1954, and mine is in 1943 but they're ten years apart. Tell Vangie 'ello!