Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Packing, Purging, Moving

This week Joe and I are moving from Cleveland (southeast Tennessee) to Kingsport (northeast Tennessee) where he will become Lead Minister at First Broad Street United Methodist Church. We've missed it, so we're excited about being back in a church again, but moving is no picnic.

The movers are here now, loading two trucks in 90ยบ heat. By later this afternoon, it’ll be nearly 100. These young men are constantly moving. I know they’re burning up, but they have the most wonderful attitudes and have been nothing but nice guys and hard workers! (We’re using Still Transfer Company out of Kingsport...and this advertisement is free of charge!)

My friend Diana has been a HUGE help during the packing phase of our move. We’re members of the same church and have been buddies ever since we met! The two of us made a great team!

Because I’m sort of picky about the way I pack, Diana was very helpful when she saw my strategy. I have catalogued in a notebook every room and every box. Yes. I know. In 41 years of ministry with Joe, we've moved six times. This is the seventh and I think I finally have a system!

I print out destination labels so the movers don’t have to search for where it’s headed because each box is labeled with a room destination and a number, which is added to my notebook, listing the contents. This way, when I’m looking for a particular item at the next place, all I’ll have to do is check the notebook! It’s a little time consuming on the packing phase, but a great help on the other end...

An interesting thing happens when one begins to pack for a move. With me, it’s been a matter of purging, organizing, cleaning, and finding things.

I thought the Bluetooth headset for my cell phone was lost two years ago. I was wrong. It was in a drawer I rarely open. Why did I do that?

For several years I’ve been trying to find our daughter’s wedding photos. I found a couple of photo boxes that hadn’t been opened since the last move. Yep. There they were!

My hubby hides my Christmas gifts. From himself! Yesterday when he was pulling the last items out of his home office closet, he found a gift. It was so funny when he walked out and said, “Merry Christmas!” In his hand was a beautiful blue Kobalt tool bag, complete with everything I’d need to do what I love, which is fixing stuff! Joe knows I’m a fixer-upper from way back, so he knew what would make me jump up and squeal with delight!! He bought it in the fall, then hid it for Christmas morning. Last year.

Reminds me of when he asked what I wanted for Christmas in 1992. I told him I’d like to have a pancake griddle. (kind of like other things I've liked receiving...jumper cables, power tools, a really nice Road Atlas, etc. so this wasn’t an unusual request on my part.) In the spring of 1994, the clothes rod broke in the master bedroom closet. A trustee from the church was coming to repair it, so I hurriedly emptied the closet so he could work.

As I was pulling the out the last items, I found the pancake griddle hidden in the back corner of Joe’s side of the closet. Feeling bad about finding the gift, I called him to apologize because I’d “...found my Mother’s Day gift, even though I wasn’t looking for it!” Joe didn’t seem to know what I was talking about, so I told him I found the pancake griddle.

“Pancake griddle...pancake griddle...pancake griddle.” He said, “I don’t remember a pancake griddle.” There was a long pause as he tried to recall.

Then he acknowledged with much satisfaction, “Yes, I remember now! That isn’t your Mother’s Day gift. I bought it for Christmas...two years ago!”

A good element to any marriage is the element of surprise. I think my husband has that one nailed. 

Remember...if you have a pulse, you have a purpose. Make your life count!

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