Monday, November 19, 2012

Joys and Concerns

Have you ever been in a church service where there is a place in the bulletin for the “Sharing of Joys and Concerns?” A lot of churches that have moved to a less formal order of worship will use this time for congregants to share good news (joys) and prayer requests (concerns). I was in such a church on Sunday morning. Needing to use the restroom, I slipped out during the time of greeting one another at the very start of the service and returned during the sharing of joys and concerns.

I had no joys or concerns to share when I went to the ladies’ room...only that I needed to get there fairly soon after downing a 32-ounce Diet Dr. Pepper before my arrival at church that morning. That was a concern that turned into a joy. But when I completed my ‘task’ and flushed...I became quite concerned. That toilet would NOT stop flushing! It wasn’t running over (my other concern, especially while using someone else’s restroom) but it was continually flushing with this great amount of water pressure! I’m not kidding. It went on and on while I washed and dried my hands. I stood there waiting for it to stop but it didn’t. Thinking the handle was stuck, I tried to un-stick it. Nope. That didn’t stop the flow. I pulled the handle in the opposite direction. That didn’t work. Finally, I resigned myself to find someone to check the toilet, but everyone was in the sanctuary.

Lots of joys and concerns that morning...
As I came back into the sanctuary, people were being mentioned with severe health problems, tough situations, and many joys, too.

I decided this was a definite concern. The utility bill for the church was going to be atrocious if that water kept gushing through the pipes. And, as a good steward of God’s resources - water and money - I finally raised my hand for the pastor to allow me to share.

Yes, I did that.

I shared my joy of being there as a musical guest in their church, and then my concern: “The toilet in the ladies’ restroom is still flushing! I’m concerned!”

The congregation and choir began laughing! Several females in the choir loft let me know that the toilet in question always “over-flushes” and assured me it would quit momentarily.

Boy...I was relieved after I was relieved! (insert smile here)

If you have a pulse, then you have a purpose. Make your life count!

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