Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Too fast for me...

The other day, I stopped at a hotel to use the restroom on my way from Tennessee to Ohio.

Yes...a hotel.

I started using hotel restrooms when I was potty-training my daughter because they are usually very clean. Years later, I still use hotel restrooms for the very same reason.

Sometimes there are paper seat covers provided above the toilet. I always pull those things apart so that when I put the cover in its proper place, the center drops into the water and it can be flushed away when I’m finished with nature’s call. Always nice to have that added little bit of protection since my mother taught me that I should never, never, ever sit on a naked toilet seat.

All that is fine as long as the “eye” (that tells the toilet when to flush) isn't too quick on the draw. My exasperation came when I would place the seat cover and turn around to sit on it only to hear the big flush before I could accomplish what I came for!

Wait! I didn’t even get to sit down!!!

So I placed another cover on the seat...turned around again and “flush!” It happened again!

Third time’s a charm, they say (whoever ‘they’ are) so I made my third attempt on the task at hand. And for the third time, it happened! Premature flushing.

I felt like that poor, hapless Charlie Chaplin in one of his movies...or Lucille Ball...or maybe I was on Candid Camera! No. I knew better than that. And there was no one else involved in this situation so I knew that it wouldn’t be an episode of ABC’s show “What Would You Do?” John Quinones wouldn’t be lurking outside the stall.

So, I gave it ONE MORE TRY. I got myself ‘ready’ so that when the cover was in place I could drop down quickly and beat the flush!

Didn’t make it.

Mother, I sat on a bare-naked toilet seat. I knew better, but the flusher had me beat.

(Hey...that rhymes!)

I always close my blog postings with this thought:
If you have a pulse, then you have a purpose. Make your life count!

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  1. You know I'm laughing because I've been there, done that! How does this save them any money on water, tissue toilet covers, etc. No wonder women take so long in the potty!