Monday, March 7, 2016

The Guest Bedroom at Rivermont

Because of recent speaking engagements I’ve had the opportunity to spend a few nights at Rivermont...the home my daughter and her husband share in Knoxville, Tennessee. It’s a great big rambling house with huge rooms and a great history. The place was built around 1904 and has only had a few families make their home there. Hannah and James are currently remodeling the kitchen. (Our son-in-law is not afraid to tackle anything! And he does it all well! Can you tell I’m impressed by him?!?) If you’re interested in knowing more about the Slaughters, visit

The furniture in their guest room was purchased in 1963. For a few years, it was in my parents’ bedroom...then it became my furniture! It’s built from a blonde, curly Maple that seems heavy as lead! I stood in front of that tall mirror on the dressing table to check myself out before school, church, dates, proms, etc. That table, bed, and nightstand remained in my room from the time I was a girl, and until I moved away from home. After our daughter was born, and my parents were retiring/downsizing, they gave it to her. Hannah slept in that bed for several years. She recuperated from scoliosis surgery in that bed at the age of 14…even attending classes at her middle school via the computer for three months! She did lots of studying, drawing, reading, talking on the phone, sleeping and dreaming in that bed...just like her mother did so many years before.

And now it’s in the guest room upstairs, ready to welcome the next one who’ll enjoy a wonderful night’s sleep in that bed! Pretty soon, though, it’ll be moved to a guest room downstairs because that room will become a nursery. That’s right. My baby is going to have a baby in late August.

And for a short while, that newborn baby will be sleeping in the cradle where Hannah’s paternal grandmother slept in 1915. Then, it will be sleeping in the oak crib Hannah slept in from 1985 to 1987.

We are beside ourselves with happiness for them...and for us! When they shared the news with us in February, my hubby looked down, patted his rounded belly and said, “I knew something must be going on because I’m already showing!!!”

We’re excited for our children. Wanted to share the news with you, so you could share the joy with us!

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