Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sleep Eludes Me

It would be nice to get into bed at a decent hour, lay my head on the pillow and gently fall asleep. No need to count sheep or blessings. I could just close my eyes and fall into a nice deep sleep, wake up in the morning, feeling rested and ready for a new day. It would be nice, but it hasn’t been my regular routine for a couple of weeks. Frustrating…but I’ve been able to accomplish lots during my sleeplessness: organizing kitchen drawers, cleaning out the refrigerator shelves, bins, etc. and hanging things. Yes, I am that good! I can hammer nails without waking my husband. Skill.

I don’t really have that much on my mind…nothing more than the usual…so that doesn’t seem to be the reason sleep is eluding me. I haven’t had any caffeine since Thursday evening. It’s four o’clock on Sunday morning and here I am, wide awake, typing a blog about not being able to sleep! What’s wrong with me?!? My alarm is set to go off at 6:30 a.m. so I can get ready for church. I can’t doze off in the middle of the service.

And now, here I am, watching a western on the History Channel! I’m watching a western!!! In the middle of the night! This is when the wife of a minister should be getting some rest so she doesn’t embarrass herself by falling asleep in the middle of her hubby’s sermon…while sitting in the choir loft! But I must admit that watching Kevin Costner in a cowboy hat, wearing a badge and boots is worth staying awake for…since I’m already up! And now, I realize that I’m hungry and should probably pop some corn and finish watching this movie! Wyatt Earp, popcorn, orange Kool-Aid and typing this blog entry on my laptop…could be a good combination, but not sleep-inducing.

I remember being in a church prayer meeting one night when Joe and I were newlyweds in McClure, Virginia. My husband invited a friend of ours to pray for the requests that we would write on a legal pad, adding names and situations each week then marking as we’d have an answers to prayers. Our friend prayed on and on for the longest time that night! Sometime during his lengthy explanations to the Lord about all the situations concerning the names on that list, I put my head down on my Bible. Our friend finally said “Amen” and folks started leaving the room. They must have thought their new pastor’s wife was quite spiritual because there I was, with my head on my Bible, in a ‘posture of prayer’ and sound asleep!!! Finally, the long pray-er’s wife walked over to me and announced: “You can wake up now, Beth…he finally finished praying!” In that deep spiritual moment, we chalked up another funny story to tell and I had a nice nap.

By the way, I opted for pimiento cheese on white bread instead of popcorn. Wyatt Earp lived happily ever after. It’s 4:45 in the morning and I need to wake up in less than two hours.

Remember, if you have a pulse, you have a make your life count!

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