Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I woke up at 4:30 this morning and tried my best to stay in bed and fall asleep again. Alas, sleep was not to be found. So I got up, put on my robe and went to the living room where I could prop my recuperating foot on an ottoman and visit YouTube!

When I am bored, I visit YouTube.

When I am hungry, sometimes I visit YouTube. (so the hunger pangs will pass if they aren't legit!)

And, when I can't sleep, I visit YouTube.

What a complete waste of time! But then again...it is entertaining. I usually go to funny baby stuff such as laughing babies, farting babies, stretching babies so I can have a little baby-fix until my daughter and son-in-law decide to have kids. And they've only been married four years, so they still have plenty of time. If they decide not to have kids, that's okay...I'll just play with everyone else's babies and hand them back when they start to smell or cry. Besides, they have a dog that I love: Dexter, an Airdale that has stolen my heart! My toy poodle hates him, but that's his problem!

I also like to look at YouTube and watch baby animals. Puppies and kittens can do anything and I'll watch!

There are plenty of other things I could do when I need to pass some time...but some of those require thinking and sometimes I'm just not into that!

I teach organizational workshops, which is funny to think about right now, because one of my suggestions when you have some extra time on your hands is to clean out a couple of drawers in your kitchen! Well, friends...I already did that the last time I was bored!

This blog posting has no particular point. I wrote it simply because I got bored watching YouTube!

Uh-oh, I'm done with this...and now I have to sign off with the reminder I always use at the end of each blog posting. Now I'm completely under conviction for the time I've just spent on nothingness! Well, maybe I'll consider this posting an encouragement to relax once in a while. Or, take a little time to smile at a farting baby. Or, clean out your drawers!

Remember, if you have a pulse, you have a purpose...so make your life count! (now I really feel bad)

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  1. You are so funny. I love the animal youtube videos. Have a great weekend. Glad you are healing and happy!